to the Denton Cake club.

    Have you become hooked on cake decorating?  

         Do you enjoy watching the Cake programs on television? 

Do you love creating fun and tasty celebration cakes?    

If you answered yes then the Denton Cake Club is a group you will want to belong to.

We too answered yes to all of the above.  We are a small group of ladies, at present, (although male cake enthusiasts are welcome to join), who try to meet once a month to share ideas, recipes, tips and techniques in all areas of the sugar creations.  Meetings consist of discussions, demonstrations, workshops, cake tastings, book reviews and friendships.

We bring people together who enjoy the world of edible art. 

If this sounds like fun to you then read on, check out our pages and contact us for more info.

You can never have too many sweet friends. 


Last updated   March  2015